In many educational institutions, it's quite common to have multiple siblings enrolled as students in the same class or institute. Recognising the significance of this scenario, Campus 365 has introduced a unique feature that allows SuperAdmins' to easily link children's profiles as siblings within the system. This functionality proves to be highly advantageous in various situations.

One of the primary benefits of this feature is its versatility in handling different scenarios. By having siblings' information linked within the system, Campus 365 ensures that relevant data can be effectively utilised when needed. This can range from streamlining administrative tasks, such as managing schedules and communication, to facilitating a more holistic view of the family's engagement with the institution.

Furthermore, Campus 365's innovative mobile app extends an additional layer of convenience to parents. Through this app, parents can seamlessly switch between their children's profiles, all of whom might be enrolled in the same educational institute. This means that parents no longer need to juggle separate accounts or logins for each child. Instead, they can easily access and manage individual academic details, progress reports, and updates—all from a single, user-friendly interface.

To add a student as a sibling, kindly follow the below mentioned steps: