Campus 365 revolutionizes parent accessibility by introducing a cutting-edge mobile app, bringing the entire school or institute experience right to parents' fingertips. This innovative app serves as a one-stop platform, providing easy access to all the essential features and resources that parents need for a seamless academic journey.

With the Campus 365 mobile app, parents can effortlessly stay connected with their educational institution from anywhere, anytime. No longer bound to traditional desktops or laptops, the app empowers parents to carry important information within their pockets, fostering a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Through the app's user-friendly interface, parents can access a wide array of services and functionalities. These include viewing class schedules, checking assignment deadlines, and receiving important announcements and notifications. The app also facilitates streamlined communication, allowing parents to effortlessly connect with faculty, staff, and peers for collaboration and support.

Moreover, Campus 365's mobile app offers unparalleled flexibility for parents with busy schedules or those on the go. Whether during a commute, break time, or at home, parents can effortlessly catch up on their academic progress, engage in discussions, or participate in virtual classrooms right from their smartphones.

You need the institute ID, user name, and password that were sent to the mentioned email address during their enrollment when they signed up for the Campus 365 instance in order to access their profile.