Campus 365, recognising the occasional need for employees to work overtime in various institutes due to specific reasons, has introduced a new and convenient feature to address this issue effectively. The feature allows employees to apply for overtime duty when necessary.

With this new feature, employees can easily request and apply for overtime hours through the Campus 365 platform. When certain situations arise, such as increased workload, urgent project deadlines, or unforeseen events, employees can access the system and submit their overtime requests for approval.

By implementing this feature, Campus 365 aims to streamline the process of managing overtime and ensure that all overtime hours are properly accounted for and compensated. This not only benefits the employees by providing them with a simple and organised way to request overtime, but it also helps the institute maintain transparency and compliance with labour regulations.

Campus 365's commitment to enhancing workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction shines through this innovative feature, demonstrating their dedication to meeting the needs of both institutes and their workforce.