Our mobile app's Classmate feature is tailor-made for students, offering them a convenient way to view the list of fellow students who are part of their class. Moreover, we have introduced an exciting and exclusive addition called the "Best Friend" feature, which allows students to select their closest friends within the class.

The primary purpose of the Best Friend feature is to foster a sense of camaraderie and friendship among students. By enabling this feature, students can easily pick their best friends from the class list, indicating their special bond. This selection is not only confined to the app's interface; it holds significance beyond that.

Parents will also benefit from the Best Friend feature, as they will receive updates about their child's chosen best friends. This ensures that parents are aware of the friendships their children are forming and allows them to engage in meaningful conversations about school life and relationships. It offers parents a unique insight into their child's social interactions, promoting a supportive environment at home and school.

To make the Best Friend selection process more versatile, we have incorporated a multi-select option. This means that students can choose not just one, but multiple best friends. This flexibility acknowledges that friendships can be multifaceted and encourages inclusivity among students.

In summary, our Classmate feature with the innovative Best Friend addition goes beyond the standard functionalities. It empowers students to celebrate their friendships, allows parents to stay informed, and fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere within the school community. We believe that encouraging meaningful connections among students enhances their overall educational experience and personal development.