Security is of paramount importance for any institution, especially when it comes to the safety of its members. To ensure a secure environment, Campus 365, our mobile app, incorporates a gate pass feature. This feature allows students to conveniently request a gate pass for entry into the hostel premises.

The gate pass feature on Campus 365 is designed to streamline the process of granting access to students while maintaining a robust security protocol. By using the mobile app, students can submit their gate pass requests from anywhere, eliminating the need for manual paperwork or in-person visits to administrative offices.

The app ensures a smooth workflow by sending gate pass requests directly to the concerned authorities. Administrators can efficiently review and approve requests in a timely manner. The gate pass feature also enables administrators to keep track of the entry and exit of students, enhancing overall campus security.

By providing this essential tool, Campus 365 promotes a safe and secure living environment for students within the hostel premises. It not only simplifies the gate pass process but also strengthens the institution's commitment to ensuring the well-being and protection of its students.

Overall, the gate pass feature on Campus 365 is an indispensable asset in upholding security measures while offering students a seamless way to request and obtain access to the hostel area.