The importance of report cards lies in their function as a comprehensive record of students' academic performance and examination history. They serve as a crucial tool for maintaining a systematic and organised overview of students' marks, grades, and the various exams they have taken. When the SuperAdmin releases the results, these report cards become accessible to students through their mobile app, offering a convenient and efficient way for them to view their academic achievements and progress.

In essence, report cards play a pivotal role in educational institutions, serving as a bridge of communication between students, teachers, and parents. By presenting a detailed summary of students' performance in different subjects and assessments, report cards provide valuable insights into their strengths and areas that may require improvement. This information helps students, along with their parents and educators, identify their academic standing and set realistic goals for the future.

Upon publication of results by the SuperAdmin, students gain easy access to their individual report cards on the mobile app. This user-friendly platform empowers students to view their grades, exam scores, and any additional comments or feedback provided by teachers. As a result, students can promptly gauge their academic performance and grasp a comprehensive understanding of their achievements, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability for their education.

Overall, the integration of report cards within the mobile app simplifies the process of accessing and managing academic records. It facilitates transparency and ensures that students stay informed about their progress, motivating them to stay focused and committed to their studies. By leveraging modern technology in this way, educational institutions can create an efficient and student-centric system that fosters academic growth and success.