Leaderboard, an exclusive feature offered by Campus 365, serves as an invaluable tool for gaining comprehensive insight into the academic standings of students within a class. This unique feature calculates and displays the ranks of children based on their consistent and outstanding performances in various areas. These include timely submission of homework, impressive test scores, and active participation during class sessions.

In today's competitive educational landscape, having access to such a feature can significantly enhance the motivation and drive of students to excel academically. By acknowledging and rewarding their consistent efforts, Campus 365's Leaderboard fosters a healthy spirit of competition and encourages students to continuously strive for academic excellence.

Schools and parents alike have the option to purchase this remarkable feature. By purchasing it, they can empower their children with a powerful tool that not only recognises their achievements but also provides an additional avenue for parents to closely monitor their child's progress.

In essence, Campus 365's Leaderboard creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to consistently perform their best, turning the educational journey into an exciting and fulfilling experience. It acts as a catalyst for students to unlock their full potential and helps them pave their way towards a successful and fulfilling future.