Finance plays a pivotal role in the effective functioning of any institute, and optimising its management is essential. Campus 365 offers a range of comprehensive reports designed to streamline financial processes and enhance accessibility. These reports provide a wide array of financial insights and enable efficient monitoring and control of various financial aspects within the institute.

The available reports include:

  1. Fee Statement: Offers a detailed breakdown of the fees charged to students, providing transparency and accountability
  2. Balance Fee Statement: Helps track the outstanding balance of fees for individual students, facilitating timely follow-ups and reminders
  3. Balance Fee Overview: Provides a summarised view of the overall outstanding fee balances, simplifying the management of institute-wide receivables
  4. Overall Balance Fee Report: Presents a comprehensive report of all students' outstanding fees, aiding in strategic financial planning
  5. Balance Fee by Fee Heads: Categorizes outstanding fees based on different fee heads, offering a clear understanding of payment distributions
  6. Fee Collection Overview: Offers an overview of the fee collection process, ensuring efficient management of collected fees
  7. Fees Collection: Provides a detailed account of all fees collected from students, streamlining financial tracking
  8. Fees Collection Headwise: Breaks down the fees collected based on fee heads, enabling better financial analysis and decision-making
  9. Archived Student Collection: Manages the fee collection records of archived or inactive students, promoting organised financial records
  10. Online Collection: Tracks fees collected through online payment methods, ensuring seamless reconciliation
  11. Payment Gateway Reconciliation Report: Helps reconcile payments made through various payment gateways, minimizing discrepancies
  12. Payment Links Report: Provides insights into payments made using payment links, enhancing payment tracking
  13. Account Statement: Presents a comprehensive statement of the institute's financial transactions, facilitating a holistic view of finances
  14. Online Admission Collection: Tracks fees collected during the online admission process, streamlining admission-related finances
  15. Daywise Collection: Offers a day-by-day breakdown of fee collections, assisting in monitoring daily financial activities
  16. Income Report: Provides an overview of the institute's income from various sources, aiding in revenue analysis
  17. Expense Report: Presents a detailed breakdown of expenses incurred by the institute, helping in budgeting and cost management
  18. Account Ledger: Maintains a record of all financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and accountability
  19. Income by Head: Categorises income based on different sources or fee heads, facilitating a deeper understanding of revenue streams
  20. Expense by Head: Categorises expenses based on different fee heads, promoting better expense analysis
  21. Bills Overview: Offers a summary of all bills issued, streamlining bill management
  22. Bills Ledger: Tracks the details of all bills issued and their status, ensuring timely payments
  23. Expense and Bills Ledger: Integrates expense and bill details, simplifying financial tracking
  24. Cheque Reconciliation: Helps reconcile cheque transactions, minimising discrepancies in financial records
  25. Cheque Reconciliation by Fee Group: Categorises cheque transactions based on fee groups, promoting systematic reconciliation
  26. Fee Reversal Report: Records instances of fee reversals, ensuring accuracy in financial records

By utilising these diverse reports, Campus 365 empowers institutes to efficiently manage their financial processes, maintain transparency, and make informed financial decisions for the institution's growth and stability.