Effective library management is of utmost importance to ensure the smooth functioning and organisation of all library resources. Campus 365 recognises the significance of this and offers various reports to streamline library management. These reports include:

  • Student Books Issued Report: This report allows the library staff to track and manage the books that have been issued to students. It provides essential information about the titles, due dates, and students' details, enabling timely reminders for returns and avoiding overdue books
  • Employee Books Issued Report: Campus 365 enables the library to maintain a separate record for books issued to employees. This report helps keep track of books borrowed by staff members and facilitates efficient communication regarding return deadlines
  • Books Due for Return (Students): This report identifies the books that are due for return from students. Library personnel can use this report to send reminders to students and manage any overdue books to maintain the availability of resources for others
  • Books Due for Return (Employees): Similar to the previous report, this one focuses on books borrowed by employees and helps the library staff manage their return schedule effectively
  • Books Inventory Report: The books inventory report presents an overview of all the library's available resources. It allows the library staff to check the stock levels, identify popular titles, and plan for future acquisitions or replacements
  • Issue/Return Report: This report compiles data on book transactions, including both issuances and returns. It aids in tracking the flow of books, monitoring usage patterns, and identifying any discrepancies in the records
  • Book Barcode Report: Campus 365 generates a report with unique barcodes assigned to each book. This streamlines the process of book check-in and check-out and simplifies the overall tracking of library materials.