In order to maintain a comprehensive record of user activities and system changes, institutes find it crucial to monitor and track login instances and any modifications made over time. Recognising this significance, Campus 365, a prominent institute management system, offers a range of reports that provide valuable insights into user login logs and audit trail logs. These reports can be easily accessed from the dedicated "Reports" section within the platform.

The user login logs report facilitates administrators in keeping tabs on who accesses the system and the frequency of their logins. This information is invaluable for ensuring security and identifying any unusual login patterns that may indicate potential security breaches.

Additionally, the audit trail logs report serves as a detailed chronological record of all the actions taken within the system. It comprehensively tracks any changes, updates, or modifications made to the platform by users or administrators. This log is an indispensable tool for tracing the history of system modifications, ensuring accountability, and facilitating troubleshooting if any issues arise.

By providing these distinct types of reports, Campus 365 empowers institutes to maintain a transparent, secure, and well-documented system, giving them confidence in the integrity and reliability of their institute management processes. Access to these reports ensures that administrators can proactively address any concerns, maintain data accuracy, and promote the smooth and efficient functioning of the institute's activities.