COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our lives, and one significant change it brought about is the widespread adoption of online exams. With the pandemic's persistence, online exams have become an integral part of educational institutions and professional certifications.

While online exams have their benefits, they also present unique challenges. One crucial aspect that institutions have focused on is ensuring the integrity and security of the examination process. To prevent cheating and maintain the credibility of results, various online proctoring solutions have been implemented. These solutions use advanced technologies like AI-based facial recognition, screen monitoring, and plagiarism detection to identify and deter dishonest behaviour during exams.

As we continue to navigate the new normal shaped by COVID-19, online exams are likely to remain an essential part of our lives. Continuous research and improvements in technology will further enhance the effectiveness and credibility of online examination systems, making them a viable and reliable mode of assessment in the long term.

Considering the above fact, Campus 365 has come up with several different reports that could be used whenever required. To access these reports, kindly navigate to Reports → Online Examination.

  1. Examwise Result: This report will help you understand the students' outcomes, and you may get a detailed report that includes all the exam information
  2. Exam Report: This report will provide you with an overview of the exam-related information
  3. Attempt Report: This report will give you an overview of how many students attempted the exam and how many times they turned in their papers
  4. Rank Report: You can also generate the student ranking once the results have been published. This report will provide you with a thorough overview of the grades that each student obtained