Maintaining comprehensive student records is of utmost importance for any school or institute. These records are crucial for tracking the academic progress, attendance, behaviour, and overall performance of each student. Recognising this fundamental need, Campus 365 has thoughtfully developed a suite of 20 reports tailored to various aspects of student data management.

These diverse reports cater to the specific requirements of educational institutions and serve multiple purposes. They provide valuable insights to teachers, administrators, and parents, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding students' educational journeys. With Campus 365's array of reports, educators can efficiently monitor and analyse student performance, identify areas for improvement, and offer personalised support.

By offering such a comprehensive range of reports, Campus 365 ensures that schools and institutes have access to a powerful toolset to effectively manage their student records. This contributes to a more streamlined and data-driven approach to education, fostering an environment conducive to both student and institutional growth.

To access all these reports, kindly navigate to Reports → Students.

  1. Student Stats: This report will give you an overview of the students' school credentials
  2. Guardian Report: This report aids in locating the guardian information for the relevant students
  3. Admission Report: This report can be used to look for admissions made within a certain time period
  4. Archived Students Report: You can use this report to obtain full information about the archived students
  5. Login Information: You might want to provide students' login credentials in some circumstances, and you could do that with the aid of this report
  6. Course and Subjects: This report is helpful since it provides general information about the schedule for a particular class and batch
  7. Student History: This report will be helpful to you if you want to look into the students' history
  8. Sibling Report: This report can be used to examine the details of siblings attending the same institute
  9. Student Profile: You can use this report to look at a profile overview of the students
  10. Homework Report: With the aid of this report, all of the assignments turned in by a set of students from a certain class may be examined
  11. Hobbies and Talents Report: You can use this report to get a general idea of students' interests and skills
  12. Student Ratio Report: This report will help you manage the students' ratio, as RTE makes it necessary to keep a close eye on it
  13. RFID Tag Report: You can obtain a report to review the RFID information of students
  14. ID Card Report: You can check the details or ID cards of students and fetch the data into an Excel
  15. Map View: If a student's address is appropriately updated in their profile, their location can be checked on a map
  16. Student-Wise Timeline Report: You can receive a thorough report for each student based on the timeline updates
  17. Student Promotion Report: You can view the promotion report for a particular batch or course
  18. Admission Enquiry Collection: You may verify if leads have paid any fees by using the filters accessible to you
  19. Admission Lead Count Report: You can review a report based on lead status to gain clarity regarding the quantity of leads that have been assigned to specific people
  20. Birthday Report: You can check for details on a student's birthday with the use of specific filters
  21. Admission Acknowledgement Report: The institute can download the acknowledgment for the admission which was made through Campus 365.
  22. Mobile App Usability Report: The institute can have a detailed analysis on the usability of the mobile application