At Campus 365, we understand that there are situations where conducting numerous live classes simultaneously becomes a necessity. To ease this process and ensure a seamless experience, we offer the convenience of creating bulk live classes on our platform.

Our aim is to simplify the management of multiple live sessions, be they lectures, workshops, or training sessions. With our user-friendly interface, scheduling, participant management, and technical aspects are well taken care of, allowing educators and administrators to focus on delivering engaging content and interacting with their audience.

By providing everything you need in one place, Campus 365 streamlines the execution of bulk live classes, making them more efficient and organised for both instructors and learners. Experience the ease and effectiveness of our platform as you effortlessly conduct multiple live classes.

To bulk create live classes, kindly navigate to LMS → Live Classes → Schedule and Take Class → Bulk Create Live Class → Download Sample Import File → Once data is saved, upload the CSV file again.