The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a significant transformation in the education sector, with schools and institutions rapidly adopting online teaching and learning methods. Recognising this shift, Campus 365 has introduced an innovative live class feature called Campus Meet, designed to facilitate seamless connections between students and teachers, all from the comfort of their own environments. This powerful tool comes equipped with a wide array of features that enhance the live learning experience.

Campus Meet by Campus 365 offers a comprehensive solution for virtual classrooms, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free connection between educators and learners. With this cutting-edge feature, teachers can conduct live classes effortlessly, enabling students to actively participate and engage in real-time discussions. Campus Meet is designed to eliminate any technological barriers that may impede the learning process, providing a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible to both teachers and students.

This advanced platform offers a plethora of interactive features, empowering educators to deliver high-quality instruction. With Campus Meet, teachers can utilise multimedia resources such as presentations, videos, and live demonstrations to enhance the learning experience. The platform also enables real-time collaboration, allowing students to ask questions, provide feedback, and participate in group discussions. Additionally, teachers can use interactive whiteboards and screen sharing capabilities to illustrate concepts effectively.

Campus Meet ensures a secure and controlled environment for online learning. It incorporates features like attendance tracking, chat moderation, and privacy settings, ensuring that the learning experience remains focused and protected. Moreover, the platform provides options for recording live sessions, granting students the opportunity to review class material at their own pace.

To schedule a new live class, kindly navigate to LMS → Live Classes Schedule and Take Class Schedule New Class Enter Details Save.

You can restrict students and parents from downloading the live class from Settings.