Campus 365 recognises the critical role that premium learning content plays in the academic success of students, especially when it comes to mastering subjects before exams. With the ever-increasing demand for comprehensive educational resources, premium learning content has become indispensable. It offers a wide range of valuable features, such as quizzes, detailed notes, and interactive learning experiences, all aimed at enhancing students' understanding and retention.

To cater to this need, Campus 365 has introduced a paid feature that institutes can avail themselves of. This feature allows institutes to access a wealth of high-quality learning materials specifically designed to align with the NCERT syllabus for all classes. By providing a complete guideline that covers all aspects of the syllabus, Campus 365 ensures that students and teachers have access to a comprehensive educational resource that can be utilised whenever needed.

To access premium learning content, kindly navigate to LMS → Learning Content → Premium Learning Content.