In certain situations, it may be necessary for someone other than the student themselves to mark their leave or absence from a specific activity or event. In such cases, the Campus 365 platform offers a convenient option to enable individuals to mark the leave on behalf of the student.

This feature in Campus 365 allows authorised personnel, such as teachers, or administrators, to record and manage a student's leave status. By accessing the platform with their designated credentials, these authorized users can input the necessary information regarding the student's absence. This could include the date, reason, duration, and any additional relevant details.

By providing this functionality, Campus 365 ensures efficient and transparent communication between all stakeholders involved in the student's academic journey. It allows authorized individuals to take responsibility for updating the student's leave status accurately, ensuring that records are maintained and easily accessible.

Moreover, this feature enhances convenience and saves time for both students and those marking their leave on their behalf. It eliminates the need for physical paperwork or lengthy communication processes, streamlining the leave management procedure. Additionally, the digital nature of this system reduces the chances of errors or miscommunication that can occur when relying on manual methods.

To apply leave for a student, kindly navigate to LMS → Attendance → Approve Leave → Apply Leave for a student → Enter Details → Save.