At Campus 365, we understand the significance of keeping accurate attendance records for every student. With this in mind, we have developed a robust attendance feature that allows you to effortlessly submit attendance for all students in a class. Once you have completed this task, you can conveniently access an overview of the attendance records.

Maintaining comprehensive attendance records is crucial for several reasons. It enables educational institutions to track student attendance patterns, monitor their engagement in classes, and ensure compliance with attendance policies. Our attendance feature streamlines this process by providing an intuitive interface for inputting attendance data.

Once you have submitted the attendance for a particular class, you can easily access an overview of the records. This overview provides a concise summary of the attendance status for each student, allowing you to quickly identify patterns or discrepancies. Whether you need to monitor attendance trends, generate reports, or evaluate student participation, our attendance overview feature simplifies the task.

By utilising the attendance feature at Campus 365, you can efficiently manage and maintain attendance records, ultimately contributing to a well-organized educational environment.

To get an overview of students' attendance, kindly navigate to LMS → Attendance → Attendance Overview → Select with the help of filters available → Check the overview.