In modern schools, students typically engage in multiple subjects or courses concurrently, requiring efficient organisation and management of their academic records. Recognising this need, Campus 365 has introduced a groundbreaking feature called "Multi Course/Class."

The multi-course/Class feature of Campus 365 revolutionises the way educational institutions handle student records. It enables seamless sorting and management of student information across various subjects or courses. This feature provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for administrators, teachers, and students to access and update records efficiently.

With Multi-Courses/Class, administrators can effortlessly assign students to different courses, creating a streamlined system for tracking academic progress. Teachers benefit from the ability to manage and grade students' work within their respective classes, ensuring accurate assessment and timely feedback. Students, on the other hand, gain a clear overview of their enrolled courses, assignments, grades, and schedules, helping them stay organised and focused on their academic journey.

This innovative feature also simplifies communication within the educational ecosystem. Teachers can easily share course materials, announcements, and updates with their students, fostering an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Additionally, parents and guardians can access their child's academic information across multiple courses, allowing them to stay informed and actively support their child's education.

Campus 365's multi-course/Class feature is designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and communication in educational institutions. By streamlining record-keeping processes and facilitating effective collaboration, it empowers students, teachers, administrators, and parents alike to optimise the learning experience and achieve academic success.

To add multi-course or class, kindly navigate to LMS → Students → Multi Course/Class → Search with the help of available filters → Update the details for the respective students → Update.