Campus 365, an educational management system, offers the functionality to archive students for various reasons. During the archiving process, you will be prompted to provide a reason for archiving the student. This reason can be manually added, ensuring that it appears as an option in the dropdown menu when archiving the student.

By incorporating this feature, Campus 365 allows administrators or authorised personnel to maintain a comprehensive record of the reasons behind archiving students. This not only facilitates accurate documentation but also enables the system to capture specific information about the circumstances leading to a student's archival status.

When following the steps outlined in How do I archive a student, and what are the actions related to it?, you will reach a stage where you need to specify the reason for archiving a particular student. This ensures that the dropdown menu includes an option for the reason you provide, allowing you to select it easily and consistently when archiving students.

By including a customizable reason field, Campus 365 acknowledges that there can be a range of factors contributing to a student's archival status. This flexibility accommodates the diverse needs and requirements of educational institutions, ensuring that the system adapts to their specific circumstances.

To add a new reason for archiving students, kindly navigate to LMS → Students → Archiving Reasons Add New Archiving Reason Enter Details Save.