India is renowned for its rich diversity, with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and regions coexisting harmoniously. Acknowledging and embracing this diversity, Campus 365 has introduced a novel approach to categorising students. By incorporating new student categories, educational institutions can actively promote diversity and inclusion on their campuses.

Through the implementation of these additional student categories, Campus 365 aims to create a more inclusive environment that accommodates individuals from different walks of life. This initiative recognises that diversity encompasses not only variations in race, religion, and ethnicity but also extends to factors such as socioeconomic background, language proficiency, geographical origins, and other unique characteristics.

By broadening the scope of student categories, institutes foster an atmosphere where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive, interact, and learn from one another. This initiative not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students to thrive in a globalised world that values diversity.

Furthermore, promoting diversity and inclusion within the institute aligns with the broader goal of cultivating an environment that encourages equal opportunities for all. It helps dismantle barriers that may hinder students from marginalised communities or underrepresented groups from accessing quality education. By providing specialised support, resources, and tailored programmes, institutes can empower these students to excel and contribute to their full potential.

To add a new student category, kindly navigate to LMS → Students → Student Category → Add New Category → Enter Details → Save.