When it comes to academic examinations, the assessment of students' performance is often done through marks and grades. Recognising the diverse grading systems that are followed in educational institutions worldwide, Campus 365 has taken this into consideration. Campus 365 understands the need for flexibility and customization when it comes to grading systems.

To cater to this requirement, Campus 365 offers a feature that allows users to add a grade category. This means that educators or administrators can define and configure a grading system that aligns with their institution's specific requirements. They can create grade categories based on their existing grading scales, whether it is a numerical system (e.g., out of 100) or a letter-based system (e.g., A, B, and C).

By incorporating the grade category feature, Campus 365 empowers educational institutions to adapt the platform to their unique grading methodologies. This flexibility ensures that the grading system used within Campus 365 accurately reflects the institution's standards and allows for a consistent and meaningful evaluation of students' performance.

With the added grade category, Campus 365 provides educators with the ability to assign grades to students' assessments, assignments, and exams within the platform. This streamlines the grading process and eliminates the need for manual calculations or external systems. The platform automatically calculates the final grade based on the predefined grade category, easing the administrative burden on teachers and ensuring accurate and efficient grade management.

Moreover, the integration of grade categories within Campus 365 offers benefits beyond grading assessments. The collected data can be utilised for generating comprehensive reports, generating transcripts, and providing students with a clear overview of their academic progress. By leveraging the grade category feature, educators can easily monitor and communicate students' performance, leading to better academic support and guidance.

To add a new grade, kindly navigate to Academics → Examinations → Marks and Grade → Add Grade → Fill details → Save.