Campus 365, an advanced educational management system, provides a convenient feature that allows administrators to efficiently delete multiple student records simultaneously, simplifying the overall process. This bulk delete functionality streamlines administrative tasks and optimises time management for educational institutions.

With the bulk delete option, administrators can select a group of student profiles that need to be removed from the system. This feature proves especially useful in scenarios such as the completion of an academic year or the need to remove a specific set of student records from the database, such as graduating students or those who have left the institution.

By utilizing this functionality, administrators can significantly reduce the time and effort required to delete individual student records one by one. This feature offers a more efficient alternative that ensures accuracy and precision while maintaining data integrity.

Once the selection is made, administrators can review and verify the list of students to be deleted before confirming the bulk deletion. This step ensures that only the intended student records are removed, preventing any accidental deletions. 

By offering the option to bulk delete students, Campus 365 promotes efficiency, accuracy, and time savings for educational institutions. This feature empowers administrators to streamline their workflow and focus on other essential tasks, enhancing the overall management and organisation of student records within the system.

To bulk delete students, navigate to LMS → Bulk Delete Students →  Search Students with the help of filters →  Select the required students → Delete Selected Students.