Campus 365 offers a convenient feature that allows authorized individuals, namely SuperAdmins, Admins, and teachers, to access and check exam results for students. This functionality serves as a valuable tool for tracking student progress and assessing their academic performance. By providing access to the exam results, Campus 365 empowers educators and administrators to make informed decisions regarding student development and support.

In addition to SuperAdmins and Admins, teachers are given permission to access the exam results of their own students. This access allows teachers to assess individual student performance and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly. By understanding how students fare in exams, teachers can identify areas where additional instruction or support may be needed, enabling them to provide personalized guidance and nurture student growth.

Campus 365's exam result checking facility ensures that authorized personnel, including SuperAdmins, Admins, and teachers, have the necessary tools to monitor student performance effectively. By facilitating access to this valuable information, the platform empowers educational stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, enhance student support, and foster academic success.

To check the exam results, kindly navigate to Academics → Examinations → Exam Results → Search → Check the results.