Examinations play a crucial role in the educational system, and they are considered an integral part of any institute's academic process. At Campus 365, we understand the significance of examinations and strive to provide a comprehensive solution for managing them effectively. Our platform offers the privilege to input the details of offline examinations, facilitating easy tracking and timely notification of students about their exams and associated results.

By allowing administrators, teachers, and staff to enter the details of offline examinations into our system, Campus 365 streamlines the entire examination process. This feature enables users to input essential information such as exam dates, times, venues, duration, and any additional instructions or guidelines. With this centralised database of examination details, the platform becomes a reliable source of information for all stakeholders involved.

The ability to track and manage offline examinations through Campus 365 brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it ensures that students are well-informed about their upcoming exams, including the date, time, and venue, which helps them prepare and plan their schedules accordingly. Notifications and reminders can be sent to students through the platform, reducing the likelihood of missed exams due to a lack of awareness.

Furthermore, Campus 365 assists in tracking the progress and performance of students throughout the examination process. Once the exams are completed, the platform allows for the efficient recording and storage of students' results. This digital record-keeping not only eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork but also enables quick and accurate result compilation.

The availability of exam-related information and results on Campus 365 benefits not only the students but also the faculty and administration. Teachers can easily access and review the exam details for their respective subjects, simplifying the coordination and preparation process. Additionally, administrators can generate reports and analyze data regarding exam performance, allowing them to identify trends, areas for improvement, and outstanding achievements.

To add a new exam group, kindly navigate to Academics → Examinations → Exam Group → Add New Exam Group → Enter Details, → Create Now.

The exam group can be changed after it has been created. Please click on "Add a New Exam" to do this. You will be directed to a new window with a variety of options.

  1. Add a New Exam: Unit tests, midterms, and final examinations can all be added to a single exam group
  2. Add Co-Scholastic Subjects: Moreover, you can include extracurricular subjects in the exam group
  3. Enter Co-Scholastic Grades: Also, you can specify the grades for the subjects covered by extracurricular activities
  4. Attendance: Students' attendance could be noted
  5. Class Teacher Remark: Class Teachers' can add the remark for the learners individually, which will be reflected on their marksheet

Once the exam is added, you will be able to access certain actions, which are listed below:

  1. Add Students
  2. Allot Subjects to an exam
  3. Enter Marks for the respective subjects
  4. Edit the exam
  5. Delete the exam