The AI-Powered Proctored Online Examination Management System offered by Campus 365 is designed to revolutionize traditional offline examination processes by transitioning them into a digital mode. It provides a comprehensive solution with multiple modules and roles to ensure a smooth and secure online examination experience. Here's a brief overview of the system's features:

  • AI Monitoring: Advanced AI technologies are employed to monitor every test session. The AI algorithms provide intelligence and insights to the human proctor, assisting them in identifying any potential violations or irregularities during the exam
  • Proctor's Authority: The human proctor has the authority to terminate a test if there is extreme non-compliance or any violation of the examination rules. This allows for immediate intervention to maintain the integrity of the examination process
  • 360-Degree Test Room Scan: The system initiates a comprehensive scan of the test room using 360-degree technology. This scan helps detect any signs of mischief or unauthorized materials present in the test environment
  • Ambient Sound Analysis: The AI engine automatically captures and analyzes ambient sounds during the examination. It uses audio alerts to flag any suspicious or irregular noises that may indicate potential misconduct
  • Mandatory System Access: The system requires students to grant access to their microphone and video camera for the duration of the examination. This allows for real-time monitoring and verification of the test-taker's activities
  • Face Detection and Prompt: If the camera feed is blocked or interrupted, the system promptly notifies the student within a few seconds. Once the student's face is detected again, they are allowed to continue writing the exam
  • Multi-Face and Sound Recognition: The system utilizes AI algorithms to detect and differentiate between multiple faces and sounds. This helps identify any unauthorized individuals or additional sources of sound within the test environment
  • Snapshot and Audio Recording: The system captures snapshots and records audio during the examination to provide additional evidence and documentation of the test session. This can be used for later review or analysis if any suspicions arise
  • Tab Switch Prompt: If the student attempts to switch tabs or access other applications during the exam, the system generates a prompt and captures screenshots to ensure the integrity of the testing process

Overall, this AI-powered proctored online examination system aims to ensure the security, integrity, and fairness of online exams by combining advanced technologies with human proctoring capabilities.

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