At Campus 365, we understand the importance of efficient question management. That's why our platform offers the convenient feature of bulk deleting questions. With this functionality, educators can easily remove multiple questions from the question bank in a streamlined manner.

Bulk deleting questions helps save time and effort, particularly when there is a need to remove a large number of questions at once. Instead of manually deleting each question individually, educators can select multiple questions simultaneously and delete them with just a few clicks.

This feature is particularly beneficial when updating or revising question banks, removing outdated or irrelevant questions, or making adjustments to align with changes in the curriculum or learning objectives. It ensures that the question bank remains up-to-date, relevant, and focused on assessing the desired knowledge and skills. Furthermore, bulk deleting questions helps maintain organisation and cleanliness within the question bank. By removing unnecessary or unused questions in bulk, educators can keep the question bank streamlined, making it easier to navigate and locate specific questions when needed.

The bulk delete feature in Campus 365 also provides a level of flexibility and control for educators. They can selectively choose the questions they want to delete, based on various criteria such as topic, difficulty level, or question type, allowing for efficient content curation.

To bulk delete questions, kindly navigate to Academics → Online Exam → Question Bank → Select the questions → Bulk Delete.