Allotting a class teacher is important for several reasons:

  • Academic Guidance: A class teacher plays a vital role in providing academic guidance and support to the students. They monitor their progress, offer assistance with their studies, and help them navigate through academic challenges. The class teacher acts as a mentor and advocate for the students' educational development
  • Student Support: The class teacher acts as a primary point of contact for students and their parents or guardians. They establish a close relationship with the students, understand their individual needs, and provide the necessary support. The class teacher can offer guidance on personal matters, emotional well-being, and social interactions within the class
  • Discipline and Behaviour Management: A class teacher helps maintain discipline within the classroom by setting clear expectations and rules. They address behavioural issues promptly and enforce disciplinary measures when necessary. The class teacher promotes a positive and respectful learning environment, ensuring that all students can focus on their studies
  • Communication and coordination: The class teacher serves as a liaison between the school administration, parents, and students. They communicate important information, such as examination schedules, school events, and academic progress, to both students and parents. The class teacher also facilitates effective communication between subject teachers and parents, ensuring a cohesive approach to education
  • Monitoring Attendance and Performance: The class teacher keeps track of students' attendance and monitors their overall performance. They identify patterns of absenteeism or poor academic progress and take appropriate actions to address these issues. The class teacher can intervene early to provide necessary support and interventions to improve students' attendance and performance
  • Building a Sense of Belonging: The class teacher helps foster a sense of belonging and community within the class. They encourage collaboration, teamwork, and positive relationships among students. The class teacher organises class activities, celebrates achievements, and promotes a supportive classroom environment where students feel valued and connected

Overall, allotting a class teacher is important, as they play a pivotal role in the academic, social, and emotional development of students. Their guidance, support, and coordination contribute to creating a conducive learning environment and ensuring the well-being of the students.

To add and assign a new course or class to a teacher, kindly navigate to Academics → Allot Class Teacher → New Allocation → Enter details → Save.