Campus 365 offers a flexible feature that allows users to customise the way they view their schedule. You have the option to choose between two different views: table view and card view, based on your personal preference and convenience.

In the table view, the timetable is presented in a structured format similar to a traditional table. It provides a comprehensive overview of your schedule, displaying the days of the week horizontally and the time slots vertically. This view is beneficial for individuals who prefer a systematic and organised representation of their timetable. On the other hand, the card view presents the timetable in a more visual and intuitive manner. Each time slot is represented as a separate card, displaying relevant details such as the course name, time, and location. This view is particularly useful for individuals who prefer a more visual and interactive approach to managing their schedule.

With the ability to switch between table view and card view, Campus 365 empowers users to tailor their timetable display according to their unique preferences and needs.

To do so, kindly navigate to Academics → Time Table → Table/Card View