Campus 365 offers a convenient feature that allows users to search for the timetable of a specific class. This feature enhances the accessibility and ease of locating the timetable information for a particular class within an educational institution. With the class timetable search functionality, users can quickly find the schedule and timing details of a specific class by entering relevant search criteria. 

By utilising this feature, users can easily retrieve the timetable information they need without having to manually navigate through multiple schedules or timetables. It saves time and effort by providing a targeted and efficient way to access the class schedule. This feature proves especially beneficial in scenarios where users require up-to-date information about a specific class's schedule, such as checking for any changes or updates in timing, location, or instructor. It streamlines the process of finding and viewing class timetables, ensuring accurate and timely information is available to students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Overall, the class timetable search feature in Campus 365 enhances the user experience by enabling quick and convenient access to the timetable information for specific classes. It simplifies the process of locating and retrieving class schedules, ultimately supporting efficient planning and organisation within the educational institution.

To search for a specific time table, kindly navigate to Academics → Time Table → Select Criteria → Search.