The term "donation heads" refers to the main categories or headings under which various subheadings related to miscellaneous donations received are organized. It is a way to categorize and classify different types of donations for better management and record-keeping purposes.

For example, let's say an organization receives donations from different sources for various purposes. The donation heads could be broad categories such as "Financial Donations," "In-Kind Donations," "Corporate Donations," "Individual Donations," or "Sponsorship Donations."

Under each of these main donation heads, you can have subheadings or subcategories that further classify the donations. For instance, under the "Financial Donations" heading, you may have subheadings like "One-time Donations," "Monthly Contributions," or "Major Gifts." Similarly, under the "In-Kind Donations" head, you can have subheadings like "Goods Donations," "Services Donations," or "Equipment Donations."

By using donation heads and subheadings, you can easily organize and track the different types of donations received. This structure helps in reporting, analyzing, and managing the donations efficiently. It also provides clarity and transparency when presenting information about the donations to stakeholders, supporters, or regulatory authorities.

To add a new donation head, kindly navigate to Finance > Donation Manager > Donation Heads > Add New Donation Head > Enter relevant details > Save.