Campus 365 is a comprehensive institute management system that offers various features to streamline administrative processes in educational institutions. One of the features provided by Campus 365 is the facility to collect fees for a sibling while collecting fees for a specific student.

This feature is designed to simplify the fee collection process for parents or guardians who have multiple children studying at the same educational institution. Rather than going through separate fee collection processes for each student, Campus 365 allows for the convenient collection of fees for multiple siblings in a single transaction.

Here's how the process typically works:

  • Fee Structure Setup: The institution using Campus 365 sets up a fee structure that includes details such as tuition fees, transportation fees, extracurricular fees, etc. This fee structure is associated with each student's profile
  • Fee Collection Process: When it's time to collect fees, the institution can use Campus 365 to generate a fee collection notice or invoice for a specific student. The notice will include the details of the fees applicable to that student based on the fee structure
  • Fee Calculation: When generating the fee collection notice or invoice, Campus 365 calculates the total fees for the specific student. This ensures that the total amount due reflects the combined fees for all relevant students
  • Payment Collection: Parents or guardians can then make payment for the fees using the available payment options facilitated by Campus 365

By providing this facility, Campus 365 streamlines the fee collection process for educational institutions and offers convenience to parents or guardians with multiple children studying at the same institution. It eliminates the need for separate transactions and allows for efficient management of fees for siblings within a single payment transaction.

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  1. On the student's fee collection page, navigate to Collect Sibling Fees and select the sibling for whom you would like to collect the fees
  2. Finally, you can update the details accordingly and ask for the payment from the respective student