Campus 365 is a comprehensive institute management system that offers various features and services to educational institutions. One of the features it provides is the ability to collect fees from students directly through its platform. However, before the fees can be collected, a specific fee structure needs to be assigned to each student.

A fee structure in Campus 365 refers to the detailed breakdown of the fees that a student needs to pay for a particular academic period or semester. This structure typically includes various components such as tuition fees, examination fees, library fees, transportation fees, hostel fees (if applicable), and any other relevant charges.

By integrating fee management into the Campus 365 system, educational institutions can streamline the fee collection process, reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency in managing student fees.

There are two methods for doing this:

  1. Navigate to Finance > Collect Fee > Search for the student > Assign Fee
  2. Navigate to LMS > Search Student > Edit Profile > Assign Fee > Select or Unselect the fee groups > Update Information
  3. You can also allocate the fee through Fee Master; for additional information, please see these articles. How can I assign a Fee Master to students? and What is Fee Master and how to add a new fee master?.