Issuing gate passes for hostel visitors is important for several reasons:

  • Safety and Security: By issuing gate passes, the hostel administration can keep track of who enters and exits the premises, ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed in. 
  • Accountability: If any issues or incidents occur, such as theft, damage, or misconduct, the administration can refer to the gate pass logs to identify the individuals who were present during that time. 
  • Control and Regulation: By issuing gate passes, the administration can effectively monitor and enforce these regulations, ensuring that they are followed by both residents and visitors. This helps maintain a peaceful and orderly environment within the hostel.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Gate passes provide a quick and accurate method of determining who is on the premises at any given time, enabling a more efficient response to emergencies.
  • Resident Privacy: By ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed in, the administration can prevent unwanted or unauthorized individuals from entering the hostel and invading the privacy of the residents.

If you want to issue the hostel gate pass, please follow the steps below:

When you receive the request, you must approve it by going to ERP > Hostel > GatePass > Approve or Reject > Print.

  1. You can also print a gate pass for that particular visitor