There might be several reasons to check the attendance of an employee:

  • Payroll and compensation: Attendance records are used to accurately calculate employee wages, bonuses, and other benefits tied to their working hours or days. By monitoring attendance, employers ensure fair compensation
  • Workforce management: Attendance data helps employers effectively manage their workforce. It allows them to schedule shifts, plan for workload distribution, and ensure adequate coverage to meet business needs
  • Performance evaluation: Regular attendance is often considered an essential aspect of job performance. By tracking attendance, employers can assess an employee's reliability and punctuality, which can be factors in performance evaluations and decisions about promotions or rewards
  • Compliance and legal requirements: Attendance records may be required to comply with labour laws, employment contracts, or collective bargaining agreements. It helps employers demonstrate compliance with regulations and handle disputes related to attendance-related issues
  • Absence management: Monitoring attendance allows employers to identify and address patterns of absenteeism or excessive tardiness. This enables them to take appropriate action, such as providing support or counselling, implementing disciplinary measures, or exploring accommodations for employees with valid reasons for absences.
  • Safety and security: Knowing who is present in the workplace is crucial for emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures. Attendance records help employers ensure the safety and security of their employees by accounting for individuals during critical situations

To check the attendance of a specific employee, navigate to 

  • Dashboard > ERP > Human Resources > Employees > Search > View Profile > Attendance