There can be several reasons to change the role of an employee within an institute. Here are some common reasons:

  • Organisational Restructuring: Changes in the company's structure, objectives, or strategic direction may necessitate role changes to align with new priorities. This could involve creating new positions, merging roles, or redistributing responsibilities
  • Employee Development: Organisations often promote internal growth and development by offering employees opportunities to take on new roles. This can help individuals broaden their skills, gain new experiences, and advance their careers within the company
  • Performance Improvement: If an employee is struggling to meet expectations or perform effectively in their current role, a change in position might be considered. This can be a proactive approach to address performance issues and provide the employee with a fresh start in a different capacity where they may excel
  • Succession Planning: Organisations may identify high-potential employees who are suitable for future leadership positions. In such cases, employees may be transitioned into different roles to groom them for more senior positions and ensure a smooth succession process
  • Skills and Talent Utilisation: As the needs of the organisation evolve, there may be a requirement for specific skills or expertise that an employee possesses. In such cases, the employee's role may be changed to leverage their unique abilities and align them with the organization's current needs
  • Job Rotation: Job rotation programmes aim to expose employees to various roles and departments within the organisation. This helps them gain a broader understanding of the business, enhances their skills, and prepares them for future responsibilities
  • Workforce Optimization: In times of resource constraints or budget adjustments, organisations may need to optimise their workforce. This could involve reassigning employees to different roles or departments to ensure that skills and resources are effectively utilised across the organisation
  • Employee Request: Sometimes, employees may express a desire for a change in their role to seek new challenges, expand their knowledge, or pursue their interests within the organisation. These requests can be considered if they align with the organization's objectives and there is a suitable position available

To change the role of an employee, kindly navigate to Dashboard > ERP > Human Resources > Employees > Search > Edit Profile > Role