Incorporating various actions on an employee's profile in the Campus 365 web instance enhances communication, collaboration, personal development, performance tracking, recognition, and streamlines administrative processes. It promotes an engaged and productive workforce while facilitating the smooth functioning of the institute.

Employee profile actions can be accessed by going to Dashboard > ERP > Human Resources > Employees > Search Options > View Profile. Actions that are available are listed below:

  • Update Details: Once you've created a profile for an employee, you'll be able to update several details, such as basic information, payroll information, work experience, and bank information.
  • Overview: This option is available to check overviews of leave, such as how many leaves are left and how many you have already taken, as well as payroll.
Note: To check How can an employee apply for a leave?, kindly refer to this article.
  • Leave Details: This section will assist in viewing all of the leaves that have been applied. 
  • Reset Password: There are two methods for resetting the password: sending a link or sending an email
  • Add a Timeline Record: There will be the option to add additional employee records
  • Timeline: Employees can view the extra details added by the Admin or SuperAdmin on their profile
  • Admission Enquiry: You can impose certain restrictions on an employee; for more information, see What are Admission Enquiry Restriction?
  • Attendance: An employee can view their daily attendance directly on their profile. If a SuperAdmin or Admin needs to update the attendance, go to How do I manually update employees' attendance?
  • Documents: All uploaded documents, including resumes, resignation/termination letters, and offer letters, can be viewed here
  • PaySlips: An employee can view and download pay stubs from previous months