Visitors' gate passes are necessary for institutes for several reasons:

  • Security: Institutes have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their staff, students, and premises. By issuing gate passes, they can control access to the facility and monitor who enters and exits the premises. 
  • Identification: Gate passes provide a means of identifying visitors. They usually contain the visitor's name, photograph, and other relevant details. This allows the institute's security personnel to easily verify the identity of individuals entering the premises and ensure that they have a legitimate reason to be there.
  • Visitor Management: Gate passes assist in managing the flow of visitors within the institute. Institutes often have specific procedures and guidelines for visitors, such as signing in at the reception, obtaining visitor badges, or being escorted by a staff member. The gate pass helps enforce these protocols and ensures that visitors follow the institute's rules and regulations.
  • Accountability: By requiring gate passes, institutes can keep track of the number of visitors on their premises at any given time. This information can be crucial during emergencies or evacuation procedures, as it allows the institute to quickly identify and account for all individuals present. It also helps in situations where there might be a need to investigate any incidents or irregularities involving visitors.
  • Compliance: Certain institutes, particularly those in regulated industries or with sensitive operations, may be required by law or industry standards to maintain visitor records. Gate passes provide a record of visitor activity, including entry and exit times, which can be used for compliance purposes and audits.

To access Visitors' gate pass web form, navigate to Dashboard > ERP > Reception Desk > Web Forms.