Web Forms is a great feature that helps you easily collect prospect information with Campus 365 web forms. Use data from web forms to route leads to the admissions department, send personalised follow-up emails, and more.

You can access the web forms by navigating to ERP > Reception Desk > Web Forms. Click "Copy Link" to quickly copy the web form link and integrate it with your website.

Campus 365 has three different types of web forms:

  1. Web Forms for Online Admissions: A web form for online admissions assists you in distributing online admission applications to students and parents. To gain admissions, you can integrate online admission web forms directly on your institute's website or integrate the forms directly with Campus 365 marketing solutions.
  2. Web Forms for Admission Enquiry: The admission leads web form assists you in accumulating admission leads via your website and social media advertising campaigns. Allow visitors to your school's website to tell you who they are by submitting an inquiry through your website. Use admission leads to collect all of the data you need to convert more admission leads and grow your school.
  3. Web Forms for Visitors/Hostel Gate Pass: Institutes use a visitor web form to collect information about the person making the request to visit the institute. A simple online form simplifies visitor requests. It only takes a minute to complete, and all of the information is saved in one place.