There are several reasons why you may need to search for specific parcel details, including:

  • To track the status of your parcel: By searching for your parcel's details, you can check its current location and estimated delivery time. This can be helpful in planning for the delivery or ensuring that the package has been delivered on time
  • To resolve delivery issues: If your parcel has not been delivered or there is an issue with the delivery, searching for its details can help you identify the problem and work with the shipping company to resolve it
  • To provide proof of delivery: If you need to prove that a parcel has been delivered, you can search for its details to find the date and time of delivery, the name of the recipient, and other relevant information
  • To manage inventory: If you are a business owner, searching for parcel details can help you manage your inventory and track the movement of your products

To filter a specific call log, navigate to Dashboard > ERP > Sent Parcels > Search.