Campus 365 functions as a mini-CRM because it allows you to manage all of your leads on a single platform. Certain lead management actions will be taken after a lead is registered on the platform, either manually or through web forms.

There are four stages that can be used to finalise a lead:

  • Admission Test Marks: This feature allows us to enter results from any type of admission test that was used to accept an individual's application.
Note: Because the lead is not enrolled as a student on your instance, Campus 365 does not allow you to administer admission tests on the platform.

  • Interview Process: All information about the interview process will be posted here.

  • Screening Process: All information regarding the applicant's screening will be posted here.
Note: You could submit up to five screening entries.

  • Final Status Screening: The final results of all rounds can be updated here, and the lead status can be updated accordingly.