When you are ready to use the Campus 365 web platform, you will be able to define numerous user roles based on the requirements and who is going to use the platform. 

The system will include a user role called 'Super Admin' by default. 

SuperAdmin will be the only user with the authority to change any data and won't require any further backend authorization. Once a SuperAdmin account has been created, it cannot be archived or deleted. 

Additionally, we have Admin accounts, which differ significantly from SuperAdmin accounts due to the fact they have fewer permissions. What an admin could view, add, modify, or delete on the platform could only be specified by SuperAdmin. Apart from that, SuperAdmin has the choice of either archiving or deleting an admin's profile. 

Note: To learn more about how to create an admin account or modify the user roles, please refer to How can I create a additional admin account in Campus 365? and What are the different permissions available on Campus 365?