There is never a simple or quick solution to learning new software; it is always challenging and time-consuming. Learning the Campus 365 platform is a journey undertaken by the product and your school, just as every relationship demands time and effort from all parties involved. Even though Campus 365 is the most user-friendly software available and has dozens of functions, it still takes time to understand your organization's procedures and data in order to provide the solution you require. You must contribute to the Campus 365 platform's learning process if you want it to be able to assist you in comprehending your data. Kindly take as much time as you need to read through these initial articles to fully grasp how the Campus 365 platform will support your institution.

Gearing up for Campus 365 at your Organization

  • Any institution must initially entrust a team or essential individual with the duty of becoming familiar with the platform. In most cases, according to our experience working with numerous schools, the academic institutions that require a team to master Campus 365 are the most effective.

  • Make absolutely sure to sign up for a free demonstration on our website and allow administrators and faculty time to better understand themselves with Campus 365. Visit this link to arrange a free demonstration for your organisation:


  • Because Campus 365 is an ERP—an enterprise resource planner—it is a sizeable piece of software that may be used to administer your university entirely online. Depending on the processes and data your institution possesses, the platform deployment often takes a few weeks to a few months. This process involves several stages.

  • The "Data Entry" phase is the most crucial. There will already be a ton of data in your institution, which may be in various offline, internet, or other formats. You would need to put out the effort to compile all of your institution's data and submit it into the Campus 365 platform for the installation of the Campus 365 platform to be successful.

  • The Campus 365 platform provides different dashboards for different administrators. The Campus 365 platform account panel will be available to the administrators who have access to all data, while all other administrators, teachers, students, and parents will have access to the platform's dashboard if Super Admin or Admin has granted them authorization to certain features.

  • Additionally, the Campus 365 platform offers the choice of hosting on either Campus 365's cloud or a server that is owned by your organization. Please read the article for more information about how each is implemented.
  • To be able to assist everyone in the organization start utilizing the platform, it would be a lovely idea to become familiar with the numerous processes for educators, learners, guardians, and administrators as you set up the Campus 365 platform for your organization.
  • Many additional resources and services that your institution may already use, such as SMS, E-mail, biometric integration, bus monitoring, student tracking, etc., can be combined with Campus 365. These can be carried out via the Campus 365 admin interface and the assistance of the amazing Campus 365 technical support.