With Campus 365, you have the capability to either collect a single amount as admission for all the courses/classes or a different admission fee for each course/class.

To collect a different fee amount for different courses/classes, navigate to:

  1. Settings > Course/Class wise Admission Fee and set this feature to Enabled.
  2. Once enabled, navigate to Academics > Course/Classes.
  3. You will see a new column Admission Fee in the Course/Classes list.
  4. Click on Add a New Course/Class to create a new course/class with the admission fee amount.
  5. To add an admission fee to an already created Course/Class, click on the Edit button and update the admission fee amount under the Online Admission Fee field.

Once these steps have been completed, students/parents will see the amount defined for each course/class as the amount to be paid before submitting the application.