Payslips for employees can be generated using the payroll feature. You should have the salary templates created on the platform before generating the payroll. You can learn more about creating salary templates by clicking here How can I create Salary Templates for employees?

It's crucial to assign a specific salary template for the particular employee before creating payroll. Please visit the employee's profile and make the necessary changes. Choose the salary template you've already prepared in the payroll section before moving on to payroll.

To generate the payroll,

  1. Navigate to ERP > Human Resources > Payroll 
  2. Filter the employees by selecting the desired filters 
  3. Click on the Generate Payroll button to generate the payroll for an employee 
  4. Add earnings, deductions, and reimbursements, if any
  5. Click Calculate Salary button 
  6. Confirm the Payroll details
  7. Click Save

After generating the payroll, click the Proceed to Pay button to either initiate the payment (if the settlement feature is enabled) or mark the payroll as paid. You can only choose one payment method from the available options.

Note: Pay slips can be received by email as well.