The following list of dos and don'ts should be followed by all users in order to maintain a successful platform implementation.


  • Explore the Campus 365 help portal for all instructions and solutions
  • Please complete all of the initial trainings provided by the Campus 365 team in order to gain a better understanding of the platform
  • There must be an assigned Point of Contact who can attend all training sessions and stay connected with the support or CSM team as needed
  • Those certain institute users who intend to use the Campus 365 platform should undergo training first from administrator or the POC to ensure smooth operations
  • Throughout their orientation and training sessions, institute users must undergo a hands-on experience in their instance (in certain cases, on a test environment) before deploying the application in a Live environment


  • Avoid entering false or incorrect data into your Campus 365 instance, as it may result in confusion
  • Never share your login credentials with anyone
  • Please be advised to avoid deleting crucial Masters like Fee Master and Transport Master, along with any academic sessions in the settings. Consulting before making such changes is highly recommended to maintain the system's functionality smoothly