Editing or viewing an employee's profile on your instance serves several important purposes in managing and maintaining employee information within an organization. Here are some reasons why it may be necessary:

  • A Centralized platform for storing and managing employee information. By editing or viewing an employee's profile, administrators can ensure that the data is accurate and up to date. This includes personal details, contact information, job titles, department, and other relevant information
  • HR departments often rely on these platforms to facilitate various processes, such as performance evaluations, training and development, leave management, and employee benefits. Accessing and modifying an employee's profile is crucial for tracking and managing these aspects effectively
  • Accessing an employee's profile allows HR professionals to have accurate contact information for efficient communication and collaboration. This is especially important for distributing important updates, announcements, and relevant documents to employees
  • Viewing an employee's profile can provide insights into their roles, responsibilities, and performance history. This information is valuable for conducting performance appraisals, identifying training needs, and making informed decisions related to promotions, transfers, or terminations
  • HR administrators may need to access employee profiles to gather data for workforce planning, such as determining staffing needs, analyzing skill gaps, or identifying potential candidates for future roles within the organization

To view or edit an employee's profile, navigate to Dashboard > ERP > Human Resources > Employees > Search by Keyword or Filter by role > View Profile or Edit Profile