An employee here may either belong to teaching staff or non-teaching staff in your institution. You can assign the role of an employee when admitting the employee into the institution. When admitting an employee, the employee’s privileges are set according to the role the employee is assigned in an institution, thus creating a Privileged Employee.

To add a new employee into the system, navigate to ERP > Human Resource > Employees > Add New Employee.

  • Fill in all the Personal details under the basic information tab of staff like Employee ID, Name, Date of Birth, Role, Designation, Address, Qualification, and Work experience
  • Fill in all the Additional details like Payroll details, Allotted leaves, Bank account details, Social media details (if any)
  • Upload the Staff related documents under the Upload documents tab
  • Click Save to add the details of the staff member into the system
Note: There is a shortcut to quickly add employees. To know more about it, go through the article What is the shortcut to add employee quickly?
Note: The custom Fields, if added to the form, will also appear on the form. To check How to create a new Custom Field, kindly go through the article.

Once saved, Employees' login credentials will be sent automatically to the email address and phone number while creating the employee profile.