Call logs in Campus 365 help you to keep track of each and every call made by the system and admission counselors. 

It is the process of collecting, analyzing, and recording data via telephone calls. This helps management to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls made on daily basis.

The Call logs feature also has the capability of integrating with Cloud Calling service providers. Through cloud-based calling, you can initiate the calls directly from Campus 365 to the Teachers, Students, Parents and other stakeholders.

To access the call logs feature, navigate to ERP > Reception Desk > Call Logs

To add a new incoming/outgoing call log, click on the Log New Call button:

On the populated form, you will be able to record the following information:

  1. Name of the Caller
  2. Phone Number of the Caller
  3. The date on which Call is made/received.
  4. Brief description of the conversation.
  5. Follow-up date if any.
  6. Call duration for internal references.
  7. Call Type - Incoming or Outgoing