With the visitor management feature, you can keep track of visitors visiting your institute on a daily basis. Tracking daily visitors provides an extra layer of security through which you can restrict unwanted visitors from entering your institute campus. There are two ways to record the visitor's information when visiting your institute:

  1. Automated Visitor Management: With automated visitor management, you can install information and image-capturing devices on the reception desk of your institute. The visitor himself will enter his or her details into the device, and the data will be pushed directly to the server along with the visitor's image and identification document
  2. Manual Visitor Management: With the manual way, you can add the information of a visitor by navigating to ERP > Reception Desk > Visitors > Add Information. Input the basic information about the visitor, including date, time, and any additional notes; attach the identification documents; and click Save
  3. Visitor Pass Web Form: This form could be given to the visitor directly so they could complete it, and then a visitor's pass could be generated 

Note: To edit or delete visitor information, simply click on the Edit and Delete button under the actions column.