The SuperAdmin or privileged employee, typically someone with administrative privileges, can access the Fees Master module in Campus 365. This module provides a user-friendly interface to create and manage fee-related information for students.

Within each fee master, the SuperAdmin can define fee specifics. Fee Master typically includes details such as the fee name, amount, due date, and any additional notes or instructions related to that specific fee. This information can be customized to suit the institution's specific fee structure and requirements.

To create a Fee Master, navigate to Finance > Fees Setup > Fee Master

  1. In the Fee Group/Fee Category field, select the newly created fee group
  2. In the Fee Type field, select the fee type that you want to assign to the selected fee group
  3. In the Due Date field, enter the date after which the fee will become due
  4. In the amount field, enter the amount of the fee
  5. In the Fine Section, select whether the fine type is a percentage or a fixed amount
  6. Click the Save button

Note: You can assign multiple fees to a fee group. To understand more about this, please go through What are the steps for creating fee structure?